Zac Fabian is more than a videographer; he’s a Director of Video Production, a Producer of creative assets, a Cinematographer known for delivering high-quality visuals, and an experienced editor. As the owner of Wedding Videos Colorado and founding partner of  Authentic Moments, Zac brings an unparalleled level of expertise and enthusiasm to his craft.

A passionate traveler and storyteller, Zac’s focus centers on crafting cinematic masterpieces that resonate deeply with couples on their special day. He’s a skilled camera and Steadicam operator, ensuring that every moment is captured with grace and precision. His proficiency also extends to aerial and underwater videography as a licensed drone pilot and certified dive master, adding an extra dimension to his wedding portfolios.

With over a decade of professional media service, Zac’s journey in visual storytelling began with his parents gifting him his first camera. This early spark ignited a lifelong passion for capturing cherished moments. Now, with an impressive portfolio of over 500 weddings, Zac’s commitment to quality and impact shines through in every frame.

Zac’s work has been recognized in the industry and has taken him to capture love stories in breathtaking destinations, from lush Brazilian landscapes to sun-drenched beaches in the Dominican Republic. His extensive experience and artistic vision have made him a trusted name in the wedding industry.

In addition to capturing the magic of weddings, Zac offers a range of media services tailored to enhance the memories of your special day. He understands the nuances of wedding photography and videography like no other, ensuring that your story is told in the most beautiful and authentic way possible.

With a dedication to excellence, Zac Fabian looks forward to being a part of your wedding journey, preserving your precious moments with the artistry and care they deserve.