Posing Tips for Wedding Couples

How to Pose for Your Wedding Day

(or other photo sessions)

As your photo and video team, our goal is to make you look your best. With that said, here are a few easy posing suggestions that you can incorporate to help you amazing in your photos.

If It Bends, Bend It!

This is one of the best pieces of advice I can give to couples! Locked up knees, flat fingers, flat feet, straight wrists, and straight elbows can all lead to awkward posing. Simply put, if it’s a body part that bends, bend it!

Watch Your Hand and Feet Placement

Besides your facial expressions, your hands and feet help convey emotion. As humans we are always doing something with our hands, and if they are sitting idly at our side it looks weird and has the potential to show a disconnection. In general, your hands should always be doing something.

Some examples for ladies – you can place your hands on your bouquet, on your hip, through your hair, on your forearms, or even on the train of your dress.

Some examples for men – you can place your hands on your lapel, softly in your pocket, on your shirt sleeves, on your suit button, on your chin or on one of your fashion accessories.

When posing with your partner, make sure your hands are always establishing a connection with your partner. Hands on your partner’s waist, cheek, back of the head, forearm, bicep and shoulders are all great examples of places you can rest them.

And the same goes for feet as well. Point them towards your partner, not away. Try to also avoid flat feet, especially for women.

Put Your Weight on Your Back Leg

We already talked about avoiding flat feet and locked up knees. To expand on this further, you should make a conscious effort to put your weight on your back leg (the leg facing away from the camera) and put a slight bend in your forward-facing knee. This provides shape to your body and looks more natural and flattering. This is for both men and women!

Establish a Connection

At the end of the day, the key to a successful wedding or engagement portrait is to establish a connection with your partner. Don’t be afraid to get lost in the moment and laugh with each other and show off your romance whether it be through a kiss, a passionate dip, a heartfelt smile or a twirl.

Angle Your Body

This is probably the most common posing tip out there, but it’s good to give a reminder. Always try to avoid being straight on to the camera. Angle your body slightly away from the camera, as it’s more flattering.

Introduce Some Movement

I find that introducing some movement to your photos can make posing for a photo feel a bit more natural. This is why I always try to get my couples up and moving for some photos. Engaging in gentle movements adds a sense of flow to your photos. Walk hand in hand, twirl your partner, or sway together. Movement can bring out your personalities and create captivating shots.

Do Something Creative

Adding some creativity to your poses can make them feel more exciting! I’ll often have my couples engage in a dramatic dip, climb a mountain, go for a piggy-back ride, dance in a field, spin in a circle, and more.

Keep Your Arms Off Your Body

For most of us, we want to look as thin and fit as possible. By keeping our arms off our body, it makes us look thinner and is much more flattering. Ladies can put their hands on their hips, waist and thigh, and men can bring their hands forward in a fist or slightly put their hand in their pocket with their elbows bent, amongst many other poses.

Practice In the Mirror

If you’re not sure how to find your most flattering angles, try practicing some poses in front of a floor-length mirror! I’ve found this helps prepare couples for photoshoots and gets them a bit more ready to feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Relax, Don't Overthink, and Have Fun!

All in all, we’re here to have fun, so don’t take it too seriously! Try not to overthink anything as many of the posing will feel natural if you choose a well-seasoned photographer to help coach you. Look at guides online, watch some Youtube videos, and schedule an engagement session before your big day to help get you more comfortable in front of the camera.