Questions to Ask Your Photographer

Questions to Ask Your Potential Wedding Photographer & Videographer


Planning a wedding is a big deal. Selecting the right photographer that will capture your once-in-a-lifetime memories is also a big deal. If you’re planning on interviewing a variety of photographers to see which one will be the best fit, here are a few questions you should be asking them.

1) Do you have liability insurance? 

This is a question that couples rarely ask, but it’s an important one. If a photographer and videographer is coming off as a professional they should absolutely have liability insurance. It’s important to have to protect both parties, and most venues make it a requirement that all vendors carry it.

2) Do you have backup equipment?

It’s surprising how many people in the media claim to be professionals, yet only have one camera body. Can you imagine if a photographer only took one camera to your wedding, and it fell in a lake or got eaten by an alligator? Make sure your photographer has backup cameras, lenses, and lighting equipment in case of malfunctions. The last thing you want is an under-prepared vendor to miss out on important wedding moments.

3) How much experience do you have as a wedding photographer/videographer?

Weddings are serious business, there are no do overs. Selecting a media team that has extensive experience in order to effectively capture your wedding is extremely important. By asking this question, you’ll be able to find out a lot about their capabilities and qualifications.

4) How long have you been capturing weddings?

It goes without saying that you want someone that is experienced. Having the peace of mind that your photographer and videographer is going to give you their full attention, be responsive, and dedicate all their time to mastering their craft is so important. Why would you hire someone that’s not experienced to capture your day?

5) Are you confident working in all types of lighting situations?

This is a very important question to ask your photographer! Photography is the art of mastering and manipulating light and it’s important that your photographer knows how to find the best ambient (natural) light, how to properly use flash, and how to balance exposures properly. Make sure your photographer is comfortable with all these different styles of lighting, and how to adapt to changing lighting conditions. 

6) How would you define your style?

The answer to the question will reveal a lot about your photographer. You may not realize that you’re looking for a specific style, but once your photographer answers how they define their style, you’ll realize if they are a good fit for your personality.

7) Are you photographing any other events on the same day as my wedding?

If you’re hiring someone to provide you with a full day of photography coverage, your photographer should always leave the day open for you. Weddings sometimes go longer than expected, and schedules change, so it’s important your photographer can be flexible to this.

8) What is your favorite part about being a wedding photographer?

This is a more personal question that is important to ask. It’s crucial that your photographer is just as emotionally invested in your big day as you are, because if he/she/they aren’t passionate about what they’re doing, then they aren’t the right photographer for you.

9) Will there be some sort of formal agreement? 

Always make sure there is a formal agreement signed by both parties! This eliminates any potential confusion and clearly outlines the rights and protections of the couple, and the photographer.

10) How long will it take me to receive my photos?

Make sure that somewhere in the photography agreement there is a written agreement as to when the pictures are going to be delivered. We’ve heard horror stories of clients not getting their photos until 6 months (or more) after the wedding!

11) What happens if you get sick on our wedding day?

We’re only human. Sometimes we get sick or have family emergencies. In the unlikely event that this happens, make sure your photographer has a backup plan in place to make sure you still get photography coverage. Personally, we’re part of a huge network of photographers that we can reach out to in order to make sure you’re covered!

12) What rights will we get to the photos? 

Some photography studios will lure you in with incredibly low prices, but then charge you additional fees to buy the photos after the wedding. This is more common than you may think and if you foresee this as a problem, make sure you ask your potential photographer what rights you’ll receive to the photos. As long as the photographer is upfront with what rights you have and you agree to their terms, there shouldn’t be a problem.

13) Will you personally be the one photographing our wedding? 

This really should be the first question you ask, but before you meet with your photographer, make sure it’s clear who will be shooting your wedding. Some photographers run large associate companies and sub-contract out others.